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I fell off my motorcycle as it landed on its right side. I bounced on first my right, then my left side, on the 10 freeway and during the havoc tried to flip onto the broken white line between lanes 1 and 2
to keep from getting run over by a car. Talk about being insane, I worked 8 hours that morning, went swimming in the Ocean, then rode home doing wild lane splitting at high rates of speed with just cotton
pants and a turtle neck sweater for protection -- they didn't protect me much, neither did the sneakers I was wearing. All that about two weeks before going to a shrink for the first time in my life at age
43. I guess I was freaking out about the therapy and wasn't too present. Luckily the guy who changed lanes in front of me without signaling paid for the doctor's bill after deciding not to go through insurance, and he bought me a dinner at a Korean restaurant. His story is a lot worse than mine. Although my parents were pretty out of touch from Day One and over 40 years later I still don't feel "right".