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This is a photo I took April 2009 of my best friend from 3rd grade. We have been best friends for over 50 years. She had just moved into an $8.5 million apartment last year on Park Ave and I flew into NYC from L.A. to visit her & see her new place.

When she answered the door, she looked like and spoke like she had a stroke and I was shocked at what I saw. There was "no warning". It turns out, after seeing many doctors and taking numerous tests, that she has a rare and terminal brain disease which effects just about all her faculties. She needs 24 hour care, cannot stand or walk on her own and she is progressively getting worse as this brain disease takes over.

I have made several visits over the past 2 years to check in on her and her status, and it saddens me to the core to be losing such a long term and close friend at such a young age.

She was an extremely intelligent, dynamic, successful wall street professional, highly active and athletic and sat on many boards, including Lance Armstrong. She is a fighter with an amazingly positive attitude which keeps her going. I love her so much and she was very much a part of my family and life for the past 53 years.